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MAC Paint Pot

MAC describe their Let's Skate! Paint Pot as 'pale pink with pearl'. Once the lid has been unscrewed, Let's Skate! has a milky pink colour (akin to a strawberry milkshake); to it with very subtle shimmer showing on the surface. It does look very pale, which at first was a bit daunting as it looked like it could look quite stark on the eyelids. However once swatched, it took on a completely different appearance both in the Paint Pot jar and on the skin.


Let's Skate! has a different consistency to other Paint Pots, it doesn't have the creamy blendable texture that MAC's Paint Pots are well renowned for. If anything, it feels almost dry. Once you swipe Let's Skate! across the skin, it doesn't impart any solid colour whatsoever so if you like your paint pots to have an opaque finish, you might want to skip this particular shade. Instead of an opaque shade, it's filled with the tiniest beautiful shimmer particles which make up the milky pink shade in the jar - it's just very subtle shimmer.


The tiny shimmer particles are multicoloured with sparkly peach, sparkly pink, sparkly gold and sparkly white.  it's seriously impressive. Even though it doesn't carry a base colour within the product it still looks amazing on the lid due to how saturated it is with the micro shimmer particles. Whilst wearing Let's Skate! alone on the lids, you can still see your eyelid, but this disguises any discolouration, redness or veins effortlessly.  You can use a thin layer of Let's Skate! if you prefer a more subtle effect, or choose to use a second layer if you prefer the effect to be slightly more intense.



Let's Skate! It's just beautiful,  It's very sparkly, but doesn't contain any glitter so there's no dreaded fall out or risk of you looking like you've got glitter glue on your eyelids. However you can place Let's Skate! over some shadows too.. it's trial and error which shadows work well with the paint pot, as you have to almost pack it on top of the shadow, otherwise it'd change the consistency and effect of the shadow beneath. 

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