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Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primers in stock

Well as you get older, stuff changes. Particularly your skin! The foundation or bb cream you love, doesn't glide on as easy! The blush you apply, doesn't lay as readily. And little imperfections seem to pop up here, there and everywhere. So what are you going to do?

The answer is to use a Smashbox foundation primer (of your choice).  It's a wonderful layer of protection (Smashbox Dermaxyl even has SPF20) and/or barrier between your skin & the makeup you apply. . Foundations and BB creams will apply more evenly to your skin.. Smaxhbox  primers have a primer to suit all, and  "hide" any imperfections you may have in your skin..

 Smashbox Photo Finish or Colour Correcting Primers are  lightweight,  not oily or sticky. Applying to your face and you will find your foundation will go on better.  You will only need to use a pea sized amount.

 The texture and feel of  all Smashbox Primers are silky, smooth. Easy to apply (usually with a foundation brush on the t-zone and blended outwards.)  But the best results come when having to use cream, panstick or a thicker foundation. This is where you see the difference. You can actually see the foundation glide on perfectly.  And the foundation seems to sit on the surface of the skin, not sink in. Applying foundation with a foundation brush does this as well, but primer first tends to make it even more so.  What makes Smashbox's primer so unique is that it not only keeps foundation on longer, but it also provides a smooth and perfect surface to work on, best for mature skin and skin with uneven textures. Create an even texture for foundation and foundation will look even.  It also does a perfect job in keeping shine away as well. 


Don't think you have to apply primer everywhere. Unless you really feel you need it, just apply primer where needed. Usually in the t-zone, or around the eyes to soften wrinkles

Smooth on a layer of primer after you apply your daily moisturizer, or onto clean skin. concentrate on areas that are deeply lined and/or rough in texture. PHOTO FINISH is great to use under the eye, it helps concealer glide on and stay put, it also prevents foundation from ever looking dry and patchy. follow with your favourite foundation



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