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Lancome Absolu Voyage Complete Makeup Palette

The Lancome Absolu Voyage Complete Makeup Palette itself is well made. Sturdy, sleek, hard and shiny. The cover is magetized and it's strong so no worries about it opening. We really like the double decker concept. It's space saving and makes it easy to get to the products. In an older lancome palette the top deck opened up in opposite directions like cabinet doors  The mirror takes up the entire space of the cover on the inside which is really nice quite a full mirror. Everything has been strategically placed inside, the main shadows on the left and highlight type of shadows on the right. Lip colors, blush, concealer, powder and mascara all centralized.

Firstly the Absolue Voyage Palette by Lancome has an excellent choice of colors. They can bring you from a natural to quite a nice subtle evening look especially with the addition of the lipsticks and eyeliner. 

In terms of the 6 eyeshadows all are of excellent quality. they are nicely pigmented and go on very smoothly with no fall out. The colors are basic but can be used easily in a variety of ways. 

The lipsticks are good too, pigmented, long lasting with a slightly creamy finish. The eyeliner is really handy, lancome kohl liners are very black and creamy. The lip liner is in such a lovely shade, used lightly, it can look so natural, 

The powder is translucent so great for dusting off the t-zone and setting things, the concealer works well

The blush!  this shade is gorgeous! If you're a fan of berry shades of blush the shade rose sable is amazing! A solid medium berry with fine shimmer it really adds dimension and builds up if needed. It's very pigmented so it will show up on darker skin!

Lastly the mascara which is so amazing. The curved brush, stiff but fine bristles and not so runny formula makes for  lots of length and curl with definition. 

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