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Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips
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Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips
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Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips


MrBlanc will:

•Absorb into the enamel to remove stains in a safe and effective way

•Remove deeply embedded stains revealing a whiter smile

•Give you visibly whiter teeth in 14 days

MrBlanc is a flexible strip that coated with a tooth whitening gel. Designed to conform to the shape of your teeth, he works by keeping the whitening gel on your teeth for 30 minutes once a day to get at stain build-up on and below the tooth’s surface.


 The Strip

•In each packet you will find 14 sachets that each contain an upper strip (longer one) and a lower strip (shorter one).

•Tear along the top of the sachet to reveal the strips. 

•Taking an edge, pull the soft strip off the plastic film, face the gel side to the surface of the tooth.

The Application

•For best results, dry teeth before applying the strip.

• Looking in a mirror, align the straight edge of the strip to the gum.

•Gently press and adjust the strip with the finger to secure onto teeth.

•Fold the rest of the strip behind teeth to keep in place.

The Reveal

•Wear MrBlanc teeth whitening strips in your mouth for 30 mins.

•Remove and discard the used strip.

•Clean off any remaining gel residue by brushing your teeth or gargling. 

•Admire your white smile!

Please note: Do not eat or drink in this time as it may move or unstick the teeth strips.

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