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Premium nail file made of hardened glass with a filing surface consisting of microfine glass particles. Using glass nail files helps you keep your nails healthy. Glass nail files have a microfine, almost satiny filing surface that is very gentle on your nails. Nails are protected as they are filed, leaving not a trace of a split at the nail edge. Filing your nails with a glass nail file provides a smoother finish than conventional emery boards or metal nail files. Glass nail files are extremely low maintenance: simply rinse under running water after use. Nail varnish residue is easy to remove with a fine brush and mild detergent. The files can also be disinfected and sterilized without a problem. Their high quality means that they lose none of their original functionality. They will last a lifetime if used carefully. Please remember that these files are made of glass: they may break if dropped. Damaged nail files should not be used.

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rubis Switzerland Straight Glass Nail File 1K700G


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1 in stock

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